Ramey-Estep Homes Easter Basket Project April 2018

29513247_234920833741549_901704676516278515_nTwincats for a Cause’s Spring project was assembling 80 Easter baskets for the boys and girls who reside at Ramey-Estep Homes. The youth awoke on Eater morning to the surprise of individual Easter baskets! The baskets were decorated by Ashland High School’s Art 1 classes.  Each basked included a teen devotional, New Testament Bible, chocolate egg, coloring book, colored pencils, playing cards, cookie, and plastic eggs filled with candy.  Friendship bracelets made by the student council girls of Ashland Middle School were also included in the baskets along with a Bible Verse from Jer. 29:11.  We would like to thank the following for their donations that made this project possible:

  • Jenifer Spade and Ashland High School Art 1 classes
  • Rebekah Williams and AMS student council
  • Lifeway Christian Resources
  • Wildwood First Church of God
  • Enrique Turrey
  • Gretchen Latherow
  • Alice Gross
  • Valerie Salow
  • Loyd Nazarene Church Women’s Ministries
  • Walmart
  • Harlan Baptist Church food bank

It is important to us to demonstrate acts of love and kindness and to share the message of  the Ressurection.


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